Stoke Rochford Hall, Stitch Retreat, 16th – 18th October 2015

There will be two separate workshops running for the weekend, each with their own tutor.  You can book a place on this retreat at the bottom of this page:

Sue Stone’s passion is stitch. Her richly textured and patterned work contrasts the slow build of hand stitch with the spontaneity of machine stitch and paint. Images from past and present merge to create a partial narrative which the viewer is invited to complete.
In this weekend of exciting experimentation you will have fun with some of Sue’s favourite techniques and look at simple stitches in a new way.

  • Examine at close quarters Sue’s handling collection of her own hand and machine stitched samples and stitch techniques books.
  • Choose from Sue’s treasure trove of recycled, vintage and new fabrics and threads to create your own samples.
  • Experiment with simple weaving techniques • strip weaving and needle-weaving.
  • Get the most out of straight stitches, ‘mock’ herringbone, free cross stitch, chain stitch and couching.
  • Learn how to assemble your texture and pattern samples into a stitched ‘techniques book’ which can be kept and used as an aide-mémoire for your own future work.
  • Optional: Combine free machine stitch with hand stitch to create new types of texture and pattern.

Click here to see more details of Sue’s workshop programme and materials list.

NB: There will be the option to experiment with solely hand stitch techniques, or a mixture of hand and machine techniques in this workshop.

Mandy1Artist Mandy Pattullo’s work is  firmly linked to the past. In her textile collages she often uses pieces of fabric  that hold a story, that show a history of being sewn or held by other stitchers from the past or found objects and photographs  that spark off  a memory.

In this series of linked workshops you will be able to use all those vintage bits that you have hoarded or fragments that are integral to your personal or family history.  There will be three separate strands within the course which will be demonstration led but encourage you  to make a personal journey using your own precious bits and pieces.  Firstly, you will have the opportunity to  work up a piece based around a  family photogaph which can be embellished with  beautiful hand stitching and maybe even words.  Mandy will then move on to  show you how she puts together her “strippies”,  tiny textile collages where edges, boundaries ,colour and texture are key to making resolved compostitions. On the last day we will look at the way tiny book forms can be used to hold tiny stitch collages and paper ephemera.

Lots of techniques, lots of hand stitching, lots of vintage!  Click here to see more details of Mandy’s workshop programme and materials list.

All accommodation and food is included in the price of the Stitch Retreat – £325.

  • Morning coffee with biscuits
  • Three course hot and cold buffet luncheon
  • Afternoon tea with biscuits
  • Three course table d’hôte dinner
  • En-suite bedroom with extensive room amenities – you have your own room!
  • Full English buffet style breakfast
  • Unlimited use of Leisure Club facilities